MP House Inc. is one of the leading players at the adult market in Europe

Our production can be consumed through all key media available: print, internet and mobile.

About Us

Along with transferring the adult production into wireless form we have had the ambition to become an innovator in the field of mobile technology as a whole.

Recently a revolutionary end-to-end wireless solution has been launched. With such innovative solution our partners provide their audience with superior content portfolio with no limitation on delivery channels (mobile networks) simultaneously targeting maximum of handsets available at today market. It gives consumers the highest quality mobile-media experience possible and opens new revenue streams and marketing opportunities to media businesses.

MP House Inc.

Mobile Services

As for mobile services we support providing of streaming technology and content. We do have our own mobile content and can also provide marketing support. Our delivery platform can co-operate with various billing mechanisms (premium sms, credit cards, IVR, etc.) depending on the solution used by the partner for charging their end users.

IVR Services

One to one telephone chat services on the Czech home marked as well as in the Scandinavia.

SMS/connection with carriers

Exclusive sms chat, direct link up with main carriers in Czech and Norway.

Video content

Thousands of videos in our galeries, in-house and therefore unique production.

Marketing Support (Print, Web)

Within European context MP House Inc. belongs to top publishers of adult magazines and web sites.

Additional Services

Improve the quality of the service for the end user and facilitate the application of the system for the partner.

On-line Statistics

Remote services providing partners with most informative data are on-line statistics.


The delivery platform can co-operate with various billing mechanisms (premium sms, wap billing, credit cards, IVR, etc.).


In 2001 founded division as Adult Content Provider. Our Internet activities are focused around our in-house and therefore unique production which produces 24/7 live content, clips, video galeries, interactive galeries and photo galeries. We provide all these services in both straight and gay categories.

About our websites
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MP House Inc. began its publishing career in the Czech Republic in 1990. Since then the Erotic Publishing House has not only grown to become the leading publishing house on the Czech home Erotic marked, it has also expanded to include the total of seven European countries, and sine the acquisition of two of Norway’s best erotic magazines, it has also been number one on the Norwegian market. And more is to come!

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