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email: info@mphouse.eu
tel.: +420 607 982 938

MP House Inc. is one of the leading players at the adult market in Europe; our production can be consumed through all key media available: print, internet, TV and mobile.
Along with transferring the adult production into wireless form we have had the ambition to become an innovator in the field of mobile technology as a whole. Recently a revolutionary end-to-end wireless solution has been launched. With such innovative solution our partners provide their audience with superior content portfolio with no limitation on delivery channels (mobile networks) simultaneously targeting maximum of handsets available at today market. It gives consumers the highest quality mobile-media experience possible and opens new revenue streams and marketing opportunities to media businesses. Consumers in 10 countries are already experiencing that unique wireless solution with partners being mostly local content aggregators and operators. Simply speaking, if you decide to have MP House as your outsourcing mobile service provider, you have no trouble with content production and management, encoding, secure hosting, unlimited delivery, smart implementation interface and marketing support.